Not Getting Things Done

Some lessons I learned before reading this article Rohan showed me today (ironically filed under GTD):

  • Get rid of your car.
  • Own less. And less. And less.
  • If you have to own something, own something good.
  • Don’t watch TV. Ever.
  • Do things you love with other people.
  • Do things you hate with other people.

The article, unfortunately, suggests moderation. If you, like me, are incapable of moderation, you almost certainly consume food, alcohol, sleep, and friendship with reckless abandon. You overwork. You underwork. You overthink and underact in the moments preceding underthinking overreaction. For you, blindly following the absolute rules listed above is as much a part of Not Getting Things Done as the behaviour they reflect.

Essay originally published on Hungry, Horny, Sleepy, Curious. (2008).